Building Farm and Ranch Resiliency

Center pivot irrigation in winter
Lancaster County Extension, 444 Cherrycreek Road Suite A, Lincoln NE 68528-1591
Dec 1, 2021

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Agricultural Profitability has scheduled a series of land management workshops to address the financial resiliency necessary for agricultural operations to sustain risk while remaining profitable.

“Building Farm and Ranch Resiliency in the Age of Financial Uncertainty” will be presented at 19 locations across Nebraska between December and February. The workshops will cover cash rental rates, land values, leasing strategies, landlord-tenant communication, farm and ranch succession planning and an overview of farm programs for landowners.

They will be presented by Nebraska Extension educators, who will help operators and landowners to understand financial trends to minimize shocks, develop strategies to facilitate transition, mitigate legal risks and utilize effective management practices to reduce uncertainty.

Each meeting is free to attend and expected to last approximately three hours. Virtual options will be announced for some locations. Registration is required with the local county extension office by one day prior to each workshop. More information is available on the Center for Agricultural Profitability’s website,

See the workshop schedule, with registration phone numbers (all times local):