wheat field

State Climatologist: Models Show Above Normal Precipitation for This Fall

A big question this fall: will there be harvest delays due to wet weather?

Poll: Rural Nebraskans' Optimism Up This Year

Rural Nebraskans' optimism seems to be up a bit, according to the 2014 Nebraska Rural Poll.

Iowa State-UNL Partnership Creates Plant Science App for Teachers, Students

A new app will give high school agri-science teachers a tool for teaching biotechnology to their students.

Experts Offer Advice for Variety of Wheat Production Challenges

Wheat growers in western Nebraska face several serious challenges: Wheat stem sawfly. Wheat streak mosaic. Weeds, including kochia. Making best use of scarce moisture.

UNL Extension Provides Precision Ag and Soil and Water In-Field Training

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension is providing a precision ag clinic on Aug. 27 and a clinic focusing on the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil and water is on Aug. 28.

State Fair's 'Raising Nebraska' Highlights Food and Families Who Grow It

A new exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair will connect consumers with the farmers who raise and grow their food.

August Field Days Focus on Switchgrass as Bioenergy Feedstock

It's not uncommon for farms to have troublesome areas where corn and soybean yields don't quite measure up due to various physical features because of their vulnerability to soil erosion.

UNL Extension Water Meter Calculator App Now Available

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension app will help irrigators calculate the amount of water pumped by their irrigation pumping plant.