silouete of cow in field

State Fair's 'Raising Nebraska' Highlights Food and Families Who Grow It

A new exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair will connect consumers with the farmers who raise and grow their food.

Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory Open House Aug. 20

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory will host its 15th Annual Open House Aug. 20.

Study: Zilmax Has No Apparent Detrimental Effect on Cattle Health

The cattle feed additive Zilmax has no noticeable detrimental effect on cattle health or well-being, according to research by scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service.

Nebraska Grazing Conference in Kearney to Include Live Cattle Handling Demo

Many will remember the 1998 movie, "The Horse Whisperer," starring Robert Redford.

Monitoring Pasture Condition? UNL Extension Has An App for That

Ranchers are accustomed to checking cattle, wells and mineral supplements to keep tabs on their operation. But what about the grass?

As Heat, Humidity Set In, Livestock Heat Stress is Danger

The heat and humidity of summer are arriving in many parts of Nebraska this week, and a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension educator is offering tips on how to handle livestock in these potentially dangerous conditions.

UNL Report: 'It is Time to Act' on Expanding Livestock Industry in State

Nebraska's uniquely intertwined agricultural economy, although still the engine of the state's economy, may not be operating to its full potential, says a new University of Nebraska-Lincoln report that outlines the potential impact of several livestock-industry expansion scenarios.

Governor's Food Safety Conference Next Week to Update E. coli Research

The latest research on E. coli will be presented at a conference in Lincoln May 27-29.