silouete of cow in field

New Director Hired for Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center

A longtime faculty member has been named director of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center at Clay Center.

Nebraska a Long-time Leader in Research into Distillers Grains

Terry Klopfenstein's first foray into the possibility of using distillers grains for cattle feed in the late 1960s was based on the idea of fermenting wheat because it was so cheap at the time.

UNL Scientists Experiment with Corn Silage in Finishing Diets

University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists are experimenting with the use of corn silage in cattle finishing diets, finding that it can be an economical replacement for corn in feedlot diets containing distillers grains.

Water for Food Speaker: 'Time is Running Out; Time for Action'

Dilip Kulkarni remembers the first global Water for Food Conference in Lincoln in 2009.

Pastures Weakened by Drought Will Require Time to Recover

Nebraska's pastures are starting to grow again, but the effects of last year's drought linger and might cause complications for producers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln forage specialist said.

Webinar Will Explain Farm Bill Options to Producers

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension webinar will help producers sort out their options under the farm bill.

Pinstrup-Andersen: World Has Enough Food to Feed People, but Policies Interfere

The 2001 World Food Prize Laureate said the world can produce enough food to feed its growing population, but global food policies and politics are major impediments.

Nebraska Ag Achievement Hall to Honor Keith Olsen, Ted Doane

Keith Olsen, former president of the Nebraska Farm Bureau, and Ted Doane, a former longtime University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member, have been named Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement honorees.