Research aims to prevent resistance to staph infection treatment

Researchers at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are working to halt resistance to an antibiotic used to treat serious staph infections in humans.
Staphylococcus aureus

Ag Research Division co-hosts national agroecosystem research meeting

Scientists from across the country converged in Lincoln June 4-6 for the annual meeting of the Long-term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) Network.
LTAR Meeting

Study explores value of Nebraska’s roadside restoration efforts

Researchers at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln have teamed up with the Nebraska Department of Transportation to evaluate roadside revegetation practices.
Roadside Revegetation

Study of sorghum-munching aphids earns NSF award

A tiny invader’s gooey march through U.S. sorghum fields continues to devastate crop yields, forcing some farmers out of the sorghum business despite the crop’s increasing importance.
Joe Louis

Sequenced Genome of Ancient Crop Could Raise Yields

An international team has sequenced and mapped the genome of proso millet – a feat essential to raising yields of the drought-resistant crop in the Nebraska Panhandle and semiarid regions where population booms foreshadow food shortages.
proso millet

Experiments underscore overlooked aspect of defending corn from pest

A chemical compound typically cast as a supporting actor in corn’s defense against a tiny pest might instead take a leading role, says a research-based rewrite from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Joe Louis

Genes to proteins: Efforts enriching nutrition of popcorn, sorghum

Two kernels of the same idea — cultivating protein quality in cereal grains — are reaching maturity at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
Nebraska's David Holding (right) and Leandra Marshall (left) examining corn kernels. Links to larger image.

Husker research brings swine industry closer to broad virus protection

After eight years of gathering data from more than 1,000 pigs infected with porcine circovirus 2, University of Nebraska–Lincoln researchers have identified the gene associated with pigs' susceptibility to the deadly swine disease.
Daniel Ciobanu, associate professor of animal science at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and Lianna Walker, graduate student at Nebraska