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water and environment
Water & Environment

Drought center, CALMIT help launch drought-monitoring, forecast tools

The movement of water across the globe causes small fluctuations in the planet’s gravity field. One wouldn’t notice the difference by clocking the speed of falling apples, but a set of NASA satellites was tasked with detecting these seemingly imperceptible gravitational changes from space, starting in 2002.
NASA | Scientific Visualization Studio

Nebraska digs in to offer remote instruction

Lincoln, Neb.

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Ancient flooding formed, left behind boulders in Wildcat Ridge

One year ago, a historic flood struck Nebraska, topping levees; taking out bridges, dams and houses; covering thousands of acres in water; and reminding Nebraskans of the power of a raging river.
wildcat ridge

Husker who coined 'flash drought' helps define emerging phenomenon

From late August through early October of last year, drought engulfed much of the Southeast United States in a way that many don’t expect drought to behave — suddenly.
United States drought map

Students helping public tackle environmental changes

Lincoln, Neb.

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Calling all Tree Huskers: New forestry major approved

Lincoln, Neb.

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Citizen scientists encouraged to take landscape photos Feb. 15-17

If out and about Presidents Day weekend, Feb. 15-17, consider taking photos to be part of the Visual Drought Atlas of the United States. These photos will show how landscapes look at different times of year in dry, wet and normal conditions.
lake shoreline in Minnesota

Students test prairie restoration methods for joint Prairie Corridor project

Lincoln, Neb.

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