Water & Environment

water and environment
Water & Environment

Fencing Most Effective Method of Keeping Rabbits Away from Gardens

When little bunny foo foo hops through your garden and eats your flowers, you don't need an elaborate trap to get him out.

Landscaping with Prairie Beauties

Prairie plants deserve more use in home landscapes.

New Interactive Extension Circular Offers Information on Rain Gardens

For homeowners and others interested in rain gardens, a new University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension interactive online publication can provide the answers.

New Smartphone App Keeps Farmers and Ranchers in the Know

A new University of Nebraska-Lincoln smartphone app helps agricultural producers track key temperatures.

Trees Hit Hard by Long-term Chronic Drought

While recent rains have helped spring growing conditions significantly, long-term chronic drought has caused significant decline in tree health across the state.

Viewing Trees as a Crop Increases Their Potential

When one thinks of Nebraska, corn and beef production come to mind.

Funds Available for Schools to Revitalize Landscapes, Educate Students

Nebraska schools have an opportunity to revitalize their landscapes while educating students about the environment through a grant from the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum in partnership with the Nebraska Forest Service.

Report Shows Groundwater Levels Declined in 2012

Groundwater levels declined last year in five wells assessed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Conservation and Survey Division.