Alumni Spotlight: Nathan Fuerst

Nathan Fuerst

Hometown: Hildreth, Neb. 

Years in Burr Hall: 1997-1999

Years at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln: 1997-2002

Major: I came to UNL with a major in Agronomy, and I later changed to communication studies with a minor in diversified agriculture. I later earned my MBA.

Who was your favorite professor during your time on campus? Bob Sorenson who was my adviser my freshman year, and I also took agronomy with him. My dad also took courses from Dr. Sorenson early in his career.

What is your favorite memory from living in Burr Hall? The Bull Frys. I helped to organize the third annual bull fry, which included the bull fry itself, a basketball tournament, and a benefit concert with the band “The Great Divide.”  So not only did students have fun with the event, it raised money for a good cause.

What is your life like today?work at the University of Connecticut, home of the women’s basketball championships many times over, as well as many men’s championships.  I’m the head of admissions here, among other areas.  My spouse, Shelby, and two daughters, Bailey and Charlotte and I live near the university in the natural forests of eastern Connecticut, which provides ample opportunities for hiking and not far from the shores of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Cape Cod in the summer, or enjoying New York City and Boston which are nearby.  In many ways, the best of both rural America and the great cities of the Northeast. 


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is opening a new residence hall on East Campus. To celebrate the new hall and relive the memories of Burr and Fedde Halls, a special event is planned. Attendees at the Burr/Fedde and Friends Reunion on June 10, 2017 will get to experience Burr and Fedde Halls one last time, get a sneak peek of the new residence hall and connect with old and new friends. For more information, or to register Click Here.