Alumni Spotlight: Addie Schwartzman

Addie Schwartzman
Meet Addie Schwartzman, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumna who graduated in 2021 with a degree in horticulture.
November 15, 2022

Graduation Date: May 2021 

Major: Horticulture 

What is your current position? 

I am an assistant horticulturist for Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.  

How did your time in CASNR shape your career path? 

My time in CASNR taught me how to connect with others and that things are more connected than you initially think they are.  

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job? 

The most fulfilling aspect of my job is that I am helping restore and protect the state’s native plants and habitats, while also helping to educate people and enjoy the great outdoors.  

What activities were you involved in during your time at UNL? 

I was involved in Horticulture Club, Kappa Kappa Psi, Cornhusker Marching Band, Big Red Express pep band, chamber music, symphonic band and campus band.  

What is your best memory of your time in CASNR? 

My best memories definitely come from my time in horticulture club and being able to connect with others in my classes.  

How did CASNR prepare you for your life outside of work? 

Being in CASNR taught me where my interests lie and to be more confident in trying things.   

What do you think IANR and CASNR contribute to Nebraska, the United States and the world? 

Not only do they provide research and resources, they also provide opportunities to continue to learn and change how we view the world we live in and improve things for the future.   

What is your one piece of advice for current CASNR students? 

There is always time to take a break and catch your breath, so don’t put it off because it may actually help you see the solution to something you are stressing about.