Alumni Spotlight: LaNae Maxson

LaNae Maxon

Name: LaNae Maxson

Currently Live: Pursuing my veterinary degree in Ames, Iowa

Hometown:  Burwell, Nebraska (and so proud of it!)

Occupation:  I am currently a third-year veterinary student in the Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine, which is a 2+2 consolidation between the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and Iowa State University.

Date of Graduation:  I graduated from the undergraduate program in August 2015; I will graduate with a doctor of veterinary medicine degree in May 2019.

Major: I have a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science, with minors in animal science and leadership and communication.

Favorite Professor: This is an extremely difficult question to answer! I had many wonderful professors within CASNR, all who helped shape me as a student, future professional and person, in general; I will always be very grateful for that.

Although Dean Waller was never my professor, in the seven years I was a student at UNL, he quickly became my all-time favorite administrator and one of my greatest supporters. I will never be able to express how thankful I am for the friendship we share, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such a well-respected and accomplished individual in my life.

Favorite memory from my time on East Campus: My entire experience on East Campus was incredible. One of my favorite memories would have to be the time I spent with the wonderful people who made up the Ice Cream Club. Dean Waller, myself and four other CASNR students initiated the Ice Cream Club in 2011, with the hopes that between the dean of the college and five students, improvements within the college, from a student’s unique perspective, could be discussed and considered. Although it did start out that way, eventually our meetings became the invaluable time we used to catch up on each other’s lives, eat Dairy Store ice cream and share a lot of laughs. What once started out as a club of acquaintances turned into a group I wouldn’t trade for the world – remarkable people I consider family.

 What is your life like today: The good Lord has blessed me with more than I deserve – more than I could even begin to thank Him for. Right now, the majority of my life is centered on being a busy, full-time veterinary student. Once school starts in August, I will be in school for 21 straight months. Upon graduation, I hope to work in a mixed animal practice, with the goal of, someday, returning to my rural hometown to live and practice traditional and alternative medicine.

My life outside of veterinary medicine mostly consists of engaging in different ways to improve myself, trying to keep up with my family and friends, and enjoying my various hobbies as often as possible. My favorite hobby is horseback riding, but I also love to travel, play sports and take long runs with my dog, read, sing and dance and cook.

What words of advice would you give to a current CASNR student?: Please do not take for granted the time you have as a college student in CASNR.

Pray the hardest when it’s hardest to pray.

Find a way to give back – pay it forward.

Make it a personal goal to make at least one person smile every single day. You never know the impact that one simple action may have.

Find a positive balance in life and at least one constructive way to relieve stress.

Never be afraid to try new things – it’s almost always worth it.

Go to class, even on days you don’t feel like it.

If you have the opportunity to, study abroad and/or learn a new language!

Get to know your professors; they can serve as great mentors and future resources.

Make as many memories as possible.