Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Schalm

Sarah Schalm

Name: Sarah Schalm

Current City: Des Moines, IA

Hometown:  Medford, MN

Occupation:  Sales Support Coordinator, Emerging Leader with DuPont Pioneer

Date of Graduation:  December 2016

Major: Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication

Who was your favorite professor at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln?

I really enjoyed my classes with LJ McElravy. 

What is your favorite memory from your time on East Campus? 

Being a CASNR host for two years and getting the chance to show prospective students how great UNL is.

What is your life like today?

I moved to Des Moines about 6 months ago and am really enjoying it. My job at Pioneer has been a wonderful learning experience and it has been nice to focus on that. I am having fun exploring a new city and also have been doing a lot of traveling within the U.S.

What words of advice would you give to a current CASNR student? 

Take advantage of every opportunity you get in college. Meet new people, join organizations and participate in events. So much is at your finger tips if you just take the initiative to do it.