CASNR Change Maker Spotlight: Isabella Villanueva

Isabella Villanueva
Meet CASNR Change Maker scholarship recipient Isabella Villanueva, a freshman fisheries and wildlife, and environmental science double major from Lincoln, Nebraska. She is working to coordinate a fundraiser to help plant native and pollinator plants in the community.
February 14, 2022

Major: Fisheries and Wildlife and Environmental Science

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Please describe your big idea in a few sentences.

My idea is a sustainable fundraiser that will help plant native and pollinator plants in our community with the help of local schools and community members.

What impact do you want to have on the world?

I want to just be out in nature getting my hands dirty and helping out as much as I can! In addition, my hope is to get more involved and passionate about nature.

How has the Change Maker scholarship and CASNR community helped you discover your passion and grow your skills

It has helped me to find people like me and to help achieve my dreams by connecting with people in the field I want to go into.

How has your mentor/mentors shaped your experiences thus far?

He is getting me excited for the future and how I can make a difference. His passion is rubbing off on me!

What advice would you have for someone who is not sure if they should apply/if their idea is big enough?

DOOO ITTT! Opportunities like this are what make college great! I did it which means you can too!