Club helps East Campus community reap the benefits of daily walking

Members of the East Campus Walking Club are gaining the benefits of daily walking while chatting with friends and colleagues. (Photo Credit: Santosh Pitla)

November 1, 2017

Lincoln, Neb. — A new club at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is walking into the hearts of the campus community. The East Campus Walking Club (ECWC) was started in August by Santosh Pitla, assistant professor in the Biological Systems Engineering Department, with the aim of providing an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to explore East Campus, get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors and socialize with each other.

“We attend many meetings on campus, we see each other, but we never get a chance to know each other better as we are busy with our schedules,” says Pitla. “I now know more students, staff and faculty working in different buildings that I would never have known better if not for ECWC.”

Pitla recognized the importance of exercise and the ease of adding walking into his everyday schedule. He began taking short lunches immediately followed by a walk around East Campus. Once he began to notice the benefits he gained from his daily walks, he shared his idea and the club was born.

The club currently consists of about 20 members from a wide range of departments including biological systems engineering, nutrition, and IANR Media, along with a few walkers from Ag Hall. Pitla says that he would love to see at least two members from each building or department begin to join the club for walks. They have done a combined number of 472,470 steps since the club was started and the number is rising every weekday.  

With colder weather approaching, the club is exploring options to keep walking throughout the winter. 

There are many benefits to adding walking into your daily schedule, and Pitla thinks the East Campus Walking Club adds just a few more. “A walk on a beautiful day on East Campus recharges you mentally and physically,” he said. “We all have great chats during the walks.”

Daily walks are held Monday – Friday from 12:20 – 12:50 p.m. and begin and end on the east side of Ag Hall. All are welcome.

To stay up to date with the club, visit its Facebook page at

Santosh Pitla
Assistant Professor
Biological Systems Engineering Department

Writer: Gina Incontro - IANR Media