Engler announces module courses for spring 2021

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October 27, 2020

Lincoln, Neb. —The Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program is offering eight one-credit hour module courses during the Spring 2021 semester for students, with the special opportunity for anyone to sign up for “CEO: The Start” and learn virtually.

Each module is a short, focused, and intense course around a single subject. Learn from the Engler Experience team and high-caliber industry and community leaders in the following courses:

  • Gear Up: Problem observation, business ideation and fundamental pitching
  • Mission Impossible: Time and commitment management for high-achieving, entrepreneurial students
  • Startup Business Finance: Finances tell the real story of your business
  • CEO: The Start: The fundamental tools to running a growing business
  • Business Relationships: The key to successful enterprise growth
  • Roadmap: Discover your entrepreneurial pathways
  • Peaks and Valleys: The grit of the alley and the passion of the peak!
  • Negotiate: Get More: Earn the A, win the fight, score the customer, and learn to get more!

Students can sign up by searching for “EAEP 496” on MyRed and clicking “EAEP 496: Independent Study” to find all of the module offerings. Email mbassford7@unl.edu to take any of the courses for non-credit.

For more information, visit engler.unl.edu.   

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