Extension Course Trains Master Equine Managers

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March 13, 2013

LINCOLN, Neb. — A course offered through Iowa State University Extension in partnership with University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension will certify participants as master equine managers.

The course trains its students in areas including behavior, nutrition, facility requirements, health care, selection and hoof care. Through a series of online and hands-on sessions conducted by ISU Extension experts, participants will learn more about equine science, care and training.

The online sessions, which begin March 26 and end April 30, will each feature an expert addressing one of the related topics. Each two hour session will be presented live but will also be recorded for those unable to view them live. They will delve into equine nutrient requirements, pasture management, disease and parasites and hoof anatomy and evaluation.

The hands-on sessions, April 18 and 19 at the Animal Science Complex on UNL's East Campus for UNL participants, will cover many of the same topics in person and focus more on forage and feed. Sessions will offer information on forage selection, hoof care, special handling procedures and vaccinations.

Those who complete the six online sessions, two-day hands-on workshop and Equine Quality-Care Assurance survey will receive a permanent Master Equine Manager name badge and gain the knowledge necessary to conduct clinics and workshops as well as assist with horse events, shows, trail rides or judging and participate in public education programs.

Registration information is available at www.ucs.iastate.edu/mnet/equine/register.html. The course is limited to the first 20 registered with enrollment fees paid. A fee of $325 will cover presenters, hand-outs, facilities, refreshments and access to online material.

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Student Writer
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