Extension simulation program helps high school students connect the dots

Connecting the Dots
Nebraska high school students participate in Connecting the Dots, a career exploration program. (Credit: Phil Onwiler)

March 26, 2019

Lincoln, Neb. — Nebraska 4-H is helping high school students across Nebraska understand the steps they need to take to reach their career goals. 

Connecting the Dots is an interactive career exploration program for ninth and tenth grade students. During the day-long experience, students participate in a simulation activity to learn how their high school choices impact their post-secondary study and their workplace experiences. They also learn more about their favorite careers, network with representatives from postsecondary institutions and local employers , build readiness skills, and explore career options in Nebraska.

In 2018, over 4,700 students participated in the program from 66 different school districts across Nebraska. As a result, 97 percent of participants said they felt it is important that they do their job well and 84 percent learned how to act professionally.

“We know that positive higher education and career decisions increase the likelihood that an individual will positively contribute to their community and Connecting the Dots is one way that Nebraska Extension and 4-H can help youth make those informed decisions,” said extension educator Jill Goedeken.

Goedeken is part of the team that will coordinate Connecting the Dots events at three different locations on April 2. Approximately 400 students from Seward, Springfield and Syracuse will complete the program on that day. Additional dates and locations are planned for later in April.

To learn more about Connecting the Dots, visit https://4h.unl.edu/priorities/career-college-readiness or contact Goedeken at 402-563-4901 or jgoedeken2@unl.edu

Jill Goedeken
Extension Educator
Nebraska Extension

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