Meet a Husker: Juliana Quattrocchi

Juliana Quattrocchi
Meet Juliana Quattrocchi, a senior economics major and former Yeutter Student Fellow at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln.
July 26, 2023

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. 

My name is Juliana, and I'm currently a senior majoring in Economics with minors in Math and Communication Studies. I have been living in Lincoln for the past few years. 

How did you develop an interest in Economics and international trade? 

Initially, I was unsure about my career path as an Economics major. However, I gradually developed a deep passion for economics as a means to analyze the world around us. I found it fascinating that economic principles could be applied to almost any problem. As for international trade, it was not a specific goal of mine initially. I enrolled in Professor Jill O'Donnell's class and discovered my interest in the subject. Her class was highly engaging, and it allowed me to apply the concepts I had learned in a more practical manner. Jill recognized my potential in economics and provided incredible support and opportunities through the Yeutter Institute, which solidified my path in this field. 

Congratulations on receiving the Women in International Trade Young Leadership Scholarship Award! How did it feel to receive such recognition? 

It felt great to receive recognition for my accomplishments in the field of international trade. The award was granted to me based on an essay I wrote in Jill's class, titled "Improving Consultation on Trade Executive Agreements." Having my essay gain attention and being published on the Yeutter Institute's blog was incredibly affirming. Moreover, being selected for the award further validated my commitment to pursuing a career in this field. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your essay and the main recommendations you made? 

As someone who's on the University speech and debate team, I always care a lot about how we're communicating with the public, regarding not only what's happening behind closed doors when we're having these policy discussions, but also how we bring the community into that. Accordingly, my essay emphasized the need for increased public access to information about trade agreements so that people would be able to voice their opinions on them. This would foster a more open government and allow for two-way communication between policymakers and the public. 

One of the recommendations you made is creating a public repository for Trade Executive Agreements with a form for public comment. How would this repository enhance public feedback and accountability in trade negotiations? 

The proposed repository would function similarly to websites that provide access to congressional bills, such as It would serve as an archive for formal government documents related to trade agreements. This readily accessible platform would allow the public to view the text of trade agreements and provide comments or feedback. While direct submission of public comments might not be feasible, providing links to send emails or other channels for communication could be incorporated. Establishing this repository would create a valuable opportunity for two-way communication between the public and policymakers, especially in trade negotiations that impact workers and require broader public involvement. 

How was your experience as a Yeutter Fellow, and how did it shape you? 

Becoming a Yeutter Fellow was an unexpected and wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth. Initially, I had not applied for the fellowship, but through Jill's recommendation, I applied and was offered the chance to participate. It turned out to be an excellent networking opportunity, allowing me to connect with professionals in the field. Moreover, the practical experience gained through a consulting project with a corporate client was invaluable. However, the most significant impact came from working with Jill. Her unwavering belief in our potential pushed us to excel even when we doubted ourselves. My experience as a Yeutter Fellow had a profound and positive influence on me, and I believe my fellow cohort members would say the same. 

As a rising senior, what have been some of the highlights of your undergraduate experience at UNL so far? 

Winning back-to-back national championships with the debate team has been a significant highlight of my undergraduate experience. Additionally, working as a research assistant this summer has been exciting, as it provided an opportunity to apply my economic skills. Although my college experience began during the pandemic, the past couple of years have allowed me to connect more with my fellow students and engage in a more typical college experience. 

Looking ahead, what are your long-term career goals in economics and international trade? How do you plan to make an impact in this field? 

In the future, I aspire to influence policies that directly impact people's lives. Whether it be through devising interventions that benefit individuals or shaping trade policies to enhance economic opportunities for a wider range of people, I want to contribute to meaningful change. My career path may involve policy development, negotiation, or effective communication with the public. Regardless of the specific role, I aim to participate in policy discussions and draw upon my experience to make a positive impact.

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