Nebraska’s Amit Jhala receives outstanding reviewer award

Amit Jhala
Amit Jhala (right) receives the Outstanding Reviewer Award from Sarah Ward, the Weed Science Society of America director of publication, at the 58th Annual Conference of the Weed Science Society of America.

February 13, 2018

Lincoln, Neb. — Amit Jhala, University of Nebraska–Lincoln assistant professor of agronomy and horticulture and extension weed management specialist, has received an outstanding reviewer award from the Weed Science Society of America. 

Jhala received the award at the 58th Annual Conference of the Weed Science Society of America Jan. 29 in Arlington, VA. 

The annual award recognizes a scientist who has reviewed scientific papers submitted to Weed Science Society of America scientific journals: Weed Science, Weed Technology, and/or Invasive Plant Science and Management. Selection is based on scientific quality of reviews, number of papers reviewed, unbiased decision and timely submission.

Jhala has been at Nebraska since 2012. His research focus is on the biology, gene flow and management of herbicide-resistant weeds. He is specifically interested in pollen-mediated gene flow from herbicide-resistant crops and weeds.

Publication credits for Jhala include 11 book chapters and 75 papers published or accepted in peer-reviewed journals. He also serves as an associate editor of Weed Technology and the Canadian Journal of Plant Science.

Jhala has graduated three master’s students and two doctoral students. Currently, he supervises a postdoctoral fellow, two doctoral students and two master’s students. Jhala also serves as a committee member for six additional graduate students. 

Jhala was awarded the Distinguished Achievement Young Weed Scientist by the North Central Weed Science Society in December 2016 and Early Career Outstanding Weed Scientist Award by the Weed Science Society of America in 2017.

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Amit Jhala
Extension Weed Management Specialist
Agronomy and Horticulture

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