Nebraska Extension encourages participation in 2020 census

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2020 Census
March 24, 2020

Lincoln, Neb. —At the start of each decade since 1790, the U.S. Census Bureau has conducted a count of people living in the United States. The results are used to determine apportion representation in Congress; to draw voting districts; and for school and commodity aid, among many other purposes.

To help with this endeavor, Nebraska Extension is partnering with the Census Bureau to promote 2020 census data collection.

“We want to be sure the Nebraskans are correctly counted and have access to the resources that they should have. We can only do that by making sure we’re adequately counted,” said Kathleen Lodl, Associate Dean of Nebraska Extension.

Nebraska leads the nation in the census self-response rate at 27.5%, while the national average is at 21%. Howard County  has the highest self-response rate in the state at 36.9%. Although Nebraska has a fantastic response rate, the public must continue the momentum through the nation’s COVID-19 response and utilize the time at home to complete the survey, Lodl said.

This year marks the the first time ever the public has four ways of responding: online at; over the phone; by mail; or via an in-person interview. All forms of response are confidential and secure. Census Day is April 1, 2020.

Nebraska Extension uses census data to ensure its staffing is in line with state demographics in the areas it focus its services, including livestock, crops and water, nutrition, youth and family, and more.  

“We want to make sure that it’s a representation of who we are and what our population looks like,” Lodl said.

 Make sure your town’s story is told by responding to the 2020 Census—the count of everyone living in the United States. For more information about the census timeline, a sample census form or quick facts – visit to learn how everyone can do their part.

Natalie Jones | IANR Media

Kathleen Lodl
Associate Dean
Nebraska Extension