Nebraska extension to offer equine welfare short course

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April 12, 2016

Lincoln, Neb. — Nebraska Extension, along with the Nebraska Horse Welfare Coalition, will hold an Equine Welfare Short Course on April 29 in Room A222 of the Animal Science Building on East Campus of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

The course is designed to prepare law enforcement on conducting investigations concerning neglected and abused horses, and laws pertaining to livestock abuse and neglect. Focus will be placed on the management and treatment of debilitated horses and recognition of grossly inadequate feeding programs, health practices, facilities and management techniques. Novice and seasoned professionals are welcome.

Lectures and hands on training topics to include:

-        Nebraska law and equine investigation

-        Veterinarians role in equine cruelty and neglect

-        Documenting the condition of horses using the HorseBCS app

-        Standards of care

-        Acceptable feed

-        Safe horse handling

Registration fee is $50 per person. To register, visit

For more information on the Equine Welfare Training Short Course, contact Nebraska Extension Horse Specialist Kathy Anderson at 402-472-6486 or  

Kathy Anderson
Extension Horse Specialist

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