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Hippology Academy Flyer.
Hippology Academy Flyer

January 15, 2019

Lincoln, Neb. ― Equine professors working with are offering a new Hippology Academy, Feb. 11 to March 24, 2019. This short online course is designed for youth, adults, leaders, and extension personnel to gain knowledge and practice on horse hippology content.

Content includes practice tests, slides, and digital stations in six areas in addition to twice weekly lectures. Participants registering for the silver level will have the option to interact with equine professors from across the United States during the lectures. The silver level costs $100 per person and provides the opportunity to ask questions, talk to the professor of the week via asynchronous chat, and includes all materials from the bronze level.

The bronze level includes core features like access to 12 lectures from university professors on anatomy, health, diseases, parasitology, toxic plants, nutrition and more. It costs $50 per person. New lessons will be available starting each Monday for each of the six weeks.

“Youth and leaders are always asking and looking for more ways to get ready for hippology and other contests,” said Kathy Anderson, UNL Extension horse specialist.

“We are super excited to offer this course as it will be jam-packed with all kinds of things to help prepare and be competitive plus simply know so much about horses.”

Registration opens January 15 at and closes when enrollment reaches 100 participants or February 10, whichever comes first.

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