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June 7, 2022

Lincoln, Neb. —

Proofpoint User Guide

Using Daily Digest

Download the pdf version

The messages in your personal Digest represents emails that have been filtered and sorted into different categories, giving you an opportunity to take action on them.  Click the link in the Subject column to view the message.

The emails listed below have been placed in your personal Quarantine. Click Release to deliver the email to your inbox. To continue to receive future emails from the sender, click Allow Sender.  To report messages that are not spam but are included the the Spam/Quarantine section, click Not Spam.

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  • Click Release to move the message to your Inbox.
  • Click Release and Allow Sender to add the sender’s email to your safe sender list.

Manage Senders

To review blocked and safe senders, click Manage My Account. To remove a sender from either your safe or blocked list,
1. Click the list on the left.
2. Select the sender(s) to remove.
3. Click the Delete button to remove from the chosen list.

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