Randy Scott receives OEA award

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Randy Scott receives IANR Outstanding Employee Award

Randy Scott, agricultural research technician at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center at Clay Center, is to receive the IANR Third Quarter Outstanding Employee Award for regularly going above and beyond job responsibilities.

Scott has ridden feedlot pens and treated ill and injured cattle for 31 years; he is known to veterinarians, students, scientists, support staff and co-workers for his honesty, fairness, good stewardship and can-do attitude in handling livestock.

Comments from nominators state Scott is eager to share his knowledge of horses and animal health. His dedication to the job is “unmatched” with safety a priority for both people and animals. His calm and attentive demeanor, institutional memory and dedication are instrumental in MARC’s success as a world-renowned research institution. His meticulous attention to details in data collection and high quality care for animals are unmatched.

“We unhesitatingly incorporated his observations about the cattle into our official scientific record,” wrote one nominator. Others wrote that Scott is “professional, punctual, polite, good-spirited and very easy to work with,” and “he defines the very best of what many of us in agricultural research seek to achieve.”

Sources: IANR Administration
Author: Cheryl Alberts

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