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Food Processing Center

August 14, 2017

Lincoln, Neb. — Entrepreneurs looking to start a food business are encouraged to register for the National Food Entrepreneur Program offered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Food Processing Center. The program, which began in 1989, helps people develop their products and businesses.

The program begins with a one-day Recipe to Reality seminar, which explores key issues in deciding to start a food business. Discussion includes business planning, labeling, product development and food safety, promotion, and costs and pricing.

"The seminar helps participants understand the basics of starting a food company, including the challenges they will need to overcome," said Jill Gifford, program manager. "This seminar allows attendees to understand and determine if starting a food business is the right choice for their situation."

Following the seminar, participants can choose to enter Product to Profit. This second phase of the program provides entrepreneurs with confidential and individualized assistance in starting their own food business and bringing their product idea to the market.

Suzi Broadwater, president of Wicked Lix, used the program to launch her company, which produces a variety of wine- and spirit-infused fruits.

"The Recipe to Reality seminar was just the beginning of the invaluable counseling our startup company received through the National Food Entrepreneur Program," she said. "We have continued to use their team as a resource on key decisions regarding every aspect of launching our new business in Nebraska. I highly recommend that any entrepreneur who is serious about their business explore the benefits of attending the seminar and leverage the program experts for ongoing crucial guidance.”

Recipe to Reality seminars are offered throughout the year. The last two seminars for 2017 are Aug. 19 and Oct. 28 at the Food Processing Center, 1901 N. 21st St. Pre-registration is required.

To register for a seminar or receive an information packet, contact Gifford at 402-472-2819 or

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Jill Gifford
National Food Entrepreneur Program Manager
The Food Processing Center

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