Staff Spotlight: Anne Holz

Anne Holz

About Anne Holz:

I joined IANR Media in February 2015. I have a bachelor of science degree in secondary education from UNL and an associate of applied science degree in graphic design. Prior to joining IANR, I was the e-commerce manager for Fort Western Stores for seven years. I managed their Internet marketing, Web development and content publishing. I ran Facebook, Google and Bing ad campaigns and managed their email marketing. I worked with a team of developers and designers to integrate technologies and add new features to the online store. Before then, I worked 11 years as a creative director for a Web development company in Lincoln where I designed user interfaces for online applications and developed marketing plans to grow and sell online publishing enterprises.

What is your position at UNL?

I am a Web strategist for IANR Media. My role is to assist site managers with implementing website best practices, including search engine optimization, Google Analytics reporting, and following the UNL branding and style guidelines. I consult with IANR staff and faculty who have questions about their existing site or developing a new site. In September I teamed up with Jennifer Greenlee from ALEC to organize an IANR Web Manager Network, in coordination with Internet and Interactive Media and the Web Developer Network. The network provides IANR Web managers an opportunity to share ideas, give feedback and learn techniques to enhance their sites. In December I was elected to the UNL Web Developer Network Governance Board. The board administers and guides the development of the UNLedu Web Framework, Style Book and public information management systems.

What drew you to UNL?

I was drawn to UNL by all the good things I had heard from people who work here. When I visited the campus for my interview I was impressed with the dedication, knowledge and hospitality of the people I met. I felt my Web experience and education were a good fit to help IANR achieve its vision and having an opportunity to be a part of it was very exciting.

What aspect of working in an educational setting do you enjoy the most?

Everyday is rewarding whether I’m helping a student find his or her way around, working with website managers, or listening to faculty, staff and specialists talk passionately about their work with communities, their research activities and the impact they have on students.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

After graduating with my graphic design degree I was hired by a Web development company to design static websites for local businesses. While there, I discovered I had a knack for designing user-friendly interfaces for database-driven Web applications. I worked on the interface for multiple Web applications including an online store, a city dining guide, a checklist management system, a business directory and a content management system that was used by a network of over a hundred top college newspapers across the country including the Daily Nebraskan, the Daily Pennsylvanian, the Cornell Daily Sun and the Columbia Daily Spectator.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I had an oil painting on display in the UNL staff art show this year. The painting was of the bridge on East Campus just east of the Dairy Store.

What is your life like outside of work?

Most of my time is spent with family and friends. My husband Scott and I are Husker fans. He was on the Husker football team when we met in college. We have a son, Kyle, who is a college graduate and works for the University of Nebraska. Most of our activities revolve around football, camping, watching TV and grilling. When I have time to myself I spend it on my iMac creating something in graphics or video software or at the kitchen table working on an oil painting.

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