Student Spotlight: Carter Jensen

Meet Carter Jensen, an animal science major with a minor in the Krutsinger Beef Industry Scholars Program from Dodge, Neb.
April 17, 2023

Hometown: Dodge, NE 

Major: Animal Science with a minor in the Krutsinger Beef Industry Scholars Program 

Anticipated Date of Graduation: May 2023 

Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln? 

Attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln was a dream of mine growing up. After visiting campus during my senior year of high school, I knew UNL was the place I wanted to continue to develop both personally and professionally. This decision was made because there is a great support system at UNL to push you to do your best. 

What is your favorite thing about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln? 

What I enjoy most about UNL is the opportunity to gain leadership and experience in many different areas of campus. With these opportunities, you can meet many people on campus who are passionate about their work areas. This gives students exposure to many great connections that will continue to be great resources in the future. 

What about diversity and inclusion? Is it necessary to you when you think about your CASNR experience? 

Diversity and inclusion have been important when it comes to my experience not only within CASNR but the university as a whole. There are so many things that we can learn as students from each other, which only becomes greater when we have more diverse backgrounds. This means everyone brings their own perspective to topics discussed in class and on campus, which creates new perspectives and conversations. 

Exposure to cultural differences is a huge part of college. What activity have you recently participated in that is different from what you are used to in your culture? This could be something you read, listened to, watched, ate or otherwise took part in. What did you learn from this activity? 

While attending a Campus Recreation Advisory Council meeting, I was informed about our adult swimming lessons on campus and how they interfered with Ramadan. This conversation brought to my attention something I had not thought of before. In addition, I was thinking about how many other events at UNL interfered with other culture’s traditions and important celebrations. As a university, we have to work with individuals to find times that do not limit their ability to participate and/or choose between their culture and campus activities. 

What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why? 

ASCI 330 (Breeding and Genetics) would be my favorite class that I have taken so far. The reason why I have chosen this class is that not only did it challenge me academically, but what I was learning were things that I knew I could apply immediately and have an interest in. 

What are your plans post-graduation? 

As of right now, my plans are not decided, but I plan to look into current job opportunities with the possibility of applying for graduate school in the future. 

What's life like outside of school? 

Outside of school, I enjoy working at Capitol Animal Clinic in Lincoln as well as spending time with my fiance, Taylor, and our two dogs, Bubba and Baylee. 

What scholarships, if any, have you received? 

I have received the following scholarships: Susan Buffett, Wayne Phillips, Jim & Vicki Herzog, EducationQuest Scholarship, Scott Japp, Kelly NE Dairy, G. James Inness, Judy & Richard Weill, Wm. & Leila Brown, Holling Memorial, G.N. Baker Mem., and Norman Schneider 

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