Student Spotlight: Chandra Spangler

Chandra Spangler
Chandra Spangler
July 28, 2020

Hometown: O’Neill, Neb.

Major: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication – Strategic Communication Option

Anticipated Date of Graduation: May of 2023

Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

Throughout my entire high school career, I never envisioned myself coming to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I always saw myself at a smaller state college. However, after deciding on my major of agricultural and environmental sciences communication, I realized I only had two schools to choose from if I wanted to stay in-state. UNL’s academic program looked very thorough and like it would challenge me. I decided it would be my best option to have the ultimate success in my academics and future career. When I visited, I fell in love with the campus, especially East Campus, and knew this was where I wanted to spend the next four years.

What is your favorite thing about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

My favorite thing about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the care the faculty has for the students and the opportunities students have to find something that fits their interests. I know if I need someone to talk to about my academics, life, or anything, I can always count on a faculty member to be there for me. They’ve almost become my parents away from home this past year. No matter what interest a student has, they should be able to find a club or event that is tailored toward their interest. I love that UNL is so inclusive and provides so many opportunities in order that students can do what they love and explore to find something they love.

How has diversity and inclusive excellence played a role in your CASNR experience?

Diversity and inclusive excellence have played a large role in my CASNR experience. Coming from a small town, I was never introduced to very diverse cultures or perspectives. Being a part of CASNR, I have been exposed to students from all over the world and have gotten a chance to speak to a few about their life in their home country versus their life in America at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Additionally, my instructors have done a great job at exposing me to different viewpoints that challenge my own views on the world and the people around me. I think being exposed to different cultures and perspectives has really challenged me to grow as a person and be more well-rounded.

What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why?

My favorite class I have taken so far is ALEC 200 (Writing for Agriculture and Natural Resources) with Dr. Laura Young. Dr. Young is a great, energetic instructor who is always excited to teach and shows her passion of teaching through her instruction. I find that writing comes easy to me, so the writing assignments in the class were enjoyable. ALEC 200 was also valuable since most of the assignments were things I would be doing in a future career, which made the class feel more worthwhile.

What are your plans post-graduation?

Post-graduation, I plan to pursue a career in agricultural communications, perhaps more in the area of social media management or advertising. I enjoy being creative and catchy with words in social media posts, so I think a career in that area would suit me well. 

What’s life like outside of school?

Outside of school, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. When I’m not with family or friends, you can find me thinking of a DIY project or doing something outside like going on an adventure on the four-wheeler or playing with my younger brother. He keeps me busy!

Chandra is also a recipient of the Esther Freshman Memorial Scholarship, Susan Buffett Scholarship, Rosa Peterson Fund, University Tuition Assistance Grant, Husker Access Grant and the Holoubek Family Scholarship.

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