Student Spotlight: Jeff Hornung

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Student Spotlight: Jeff Hornung
Jeff Hornung
Hometown: Davey, NE

Major: Agribusiness, minor in entrepreneurship

Anticipated Date of Graduation: December 2016

Why did you decide to come to UNL?: I have always known that I wanted to be a Cornhusker. There is something special about the thundering of the tunnel walk at Memorial Stadium, the outstanding faculty that truly care about students' success, or that feeling of home you get when you walk through East Campus on a crisp fall day. Besides being close to my hometown, UNL offers an outstanding agriculture college along with an unmatched agri-entreprenuership program. I have come to realize that there truly is no place like Nebraska, especially when you are pursuing excellence.

What is your favorite thing about UNL? People. People. People. UNL has an excellent student and faculty base that provides a vast amount of knowledge, skill and passion for what they do. Whether it's football, crop production or futures market analysis, there is something for everyone here!

What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why? Family Business Managment (ENTR 322). This class offered real-world advice and information regarding family business and business relationships. I found this course to be extremely valuable in deciphering and making the tough calls within a business operation. Dr. Field does a great job of motivating and engaging his students, which also added value to the course.

What are your plans post-graduation? My plans post-graduation are to take my company full time. I have been actively purchasing and reselling equipment and used trucks for three years now and have grown to become passionate about agri-sales and running my own enterprise.

What's life like outside of school? Work to create value in some way or another. Whether that's working in my company, helping my Grandpa with the farm, or volunteering at my local FFA alumni functions, I make sure to always add value, in one way or another.

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