Student Spotlight: Kolby Grint

Kolby Grint
Kolby Grint

Hometown: Sargent, Neb. 

Major: Agronomy

Anticipated Date of Graduation: May 2019

Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln?

I chose to go to UNL because of the friendly environment I encountered when visiting, and the agronomy program offers a lot of great opportunities. My parents encouraged me to attend UNL after their great experiences at the university. 

What is your favorite thing about to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln?

My favorite thing about UNL is the attitude of the students here; you don’t have to look far to meet other friendly students that are every bit as hard working and passionate about their majors as you are. I also like how dedicated the faculty is to keeping the students on track and providing us with the skills necessary to be successful in the real world. 

What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why?

My favorite class I’ve taken so far is Soil 153: Soil Resources. This introductory soils class opened my eyes to the importance of soil conservation in production agriculture and why we need to work hard to conserve this often-overlooked resource. This class also got me interested in a class that I’m currently taking, Soil 366, which is focused on soil nutrient relationships in crop production. So far, this class has taught me skills necessary to make fertilizer recommendations and how to tackle some of the complex soil problems producers face on a daily basis. I know I’ll be able to look back on these classes and use the knowledge gained to help farmers become better stewards of the land as well as be more efficient. 

What are your plans post-graduation?

Following graduation as an undergrad, I plan on continuing my education in the doctor of plant health program here at UNL. My career goal is to eventually work in the agronomic industry in a position that involves the testing or development of new crop production practices and products. 

What’s life like outside of school?

When I’m not in class or working on homework I spend my time participating in a variety of clubs and judging teams here at the university. I am currently the treasurer of the UNL Soil Judging Team as well an active member in the Agronomy Club, the Range Club, and the Crops Judging Team. I’m constantly striving to better myself in almost everything that I do including my education, friendships, family relationships and my faith. When I have free time or need to relieve stress, I enjoy going home and working on my grandpa’s farm. I also like to spend time in the outdoors doing activities like fishing, hunting and camping.