Student Spotlight: Lauren Hunt

Lauren Hunt

Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Major: Biological Systems Engineering

Anticipated Date of Graduation: May 2018

Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln? 

I decided to come to UNL because, as cliché as it sounds, from the moment I stepped on campus, I felt like it was home. I wanted to go somewhere with a true school spirit; a pride for their university. I also wanted a university with a plethora of opportunities, and somewhere to explore my passions and interests. 

What is your favorite thing about the University of Nebraska–Lincoln

My favorite thing about UNL is the vast diversity of students from all different backgrounds, especially in the engineering college, the Department of Biological Systems Engineering and other organizations that I’m involved in.

Everyone at Nebraska embraces differences and treats everyone with the same welcoming spirit. 

What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why?  

My favorite class that I have taken so far is human physiology because not only do I love learning how things work, the human body has always fascinated me. The wonder and intricacies of the human body is one of the reasons I pursued biomedical engineering. I want to know how it works, so that I can learn how to help people fix the abnormalities or disease within their body. 

What are your plans post-graduation?

I would like to be accepted into a PA program for post-graduation, so that I can ultimately become a physician’s assistant. However, during my time here at Nebraska, I have grown in my interest for the research side of biomedical engineering. More specifically, I have also become interested in the growing field of pharmaceuticals for mental illnesses and how genetics could play a huge role in the uptake of these pharmaceutical drugs. This summer I participated in a research program at UNMC where I grew in my knowledge of neuroscience, MATLAB and problem solving. During my time there, I also had the opportunity to shadow various healthcare professionals. Through these experiences, I have become more interested in the path of healthcare. However, the idea of working for a biomedical engineering company to solve problems or in a research lab still excites me.

What’s life like outside of school? 

I split my time between working in a research lab in the biomedical engineering area of biological systems engineering and as an ambassador for BSE. I also have had leadership experience as a part of Society of Women Engineers, Biomedical Engineering Society and the Engineering Student Advisory Board.  Through these organizations, I have been able to grow my passion of STEM outreach to K-12 students, and volunteer at various places. I also love to spend time outside running or biking whenever I can.

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