Student Spotlight: Liz Uehling

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Liz Uehling
Liz Uehling

Hometown: Uehling, Nebraska
Major: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communications
Anticipated Date of Graduation: May 2016


Why did you decide to come to UNL?
I chose to go to UNL mostly because my parents went here, as did my grandpa and the majority of my family, many of them CASNR majors. They all had wonderful experiences that were impressed upon me at a very young age. I had intended to major in journalism, but when I found out that CASNR had a communications major at New Student Enrollment, I went and signed up for classes! I just knew that I wanted to become a part of East Campus' welcoming community. It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. 


What is your favorite thing about UNL?
UNL has given me countless opportunities to find what I'm passionate about. There is never a dull moment as a Husker, that's for sure!  I've connected with a diverse group of students, have been involved with a variety of organizations and have had numerous chances to network professionally. It's made me well-rounded. I was apprehensive to stay in the state that I was raised in, but UNL is much bigger than what I knew Nebraska to be and has always far-surpassed my expectations of college. Whatever it is that a student wants to do, he or she can do it here.


What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why?
During spring semester of my junior year, I had the opportunity to take Howard Buffett's AGRI 496 class.  Now, I've had a number of outstanding classes here at UNL, but this one was particularly special. It tied in all the elements of my education and made me think critically about  agriculture and the problems not just our industry, but the problems the world faces. I felt empowered and inspired when the course was finished, as did my classmates.  We were a team trying to make a difference and learning how to positively create change. I grew more from that class than any other because of the broad range of topics, speakers, Buffett and my peers. I'm not sure if UNL allows it, but I've talked about taking it again just for fun. I'll have to look into that!


What are your plans post-graduation?
Great question! I have too many dreams to decide just yet, but I'm getting closer to one with experience from internships and organizational involvement. I have considered opening my own advertising agency a time or two because I believe advertising is a key agent for forming people's perceptions of food and agriculture, and I want to help tie the disconnect between consumers and producers. Did I mention I love social media? It fascinates me beyond my personal use, and I could easily see myself creating social media plans for companies. In social media and advertising you measure success, which is a hobby of mine. Regardless of where I end up, I want to work as part of a team. That's the only thing I'm certain of.

What’s life like outside of school?
I feel very fortunate to have had such a wholesome and well-rounded experience at UNL because it has made life outside of school a true adventure. UNL has challenged me to push myself to the limits, and I get to test those limits when classes aren't in session. Whether it's moving to a new city for an internship or traveling to an recognized student organization conference, UNL has made me value and be conscious of how I spend my time outside of the classroom just as much as it has made me value my education. So what's life like outside of school you ask? It's phenomenal and all because I chose to be a Husker.  

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