Student Spotlight: Matthew Brugger

Matthew Brugger
Matthew Brugger

Name: Matthew Brugger

Hometown: Albion, Neb. 

Major: Applied Science

Minors: Animal Science, Agricultural Economics, Engler Entrepreneurship Program

Anticipated Date of Graduation: May 2019 


Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln? 

I decided to come to Lincoln because they ultimately offered the best opportunity for me to do what I wanted in my life and enable me to make the impact I plan to make. The spring of my senior year I was deciding between playing football at another college or going to UNL, and planned to visit both schools in one day to make my decision. After my visit at the first college I was convinced it was right for me. So convinced I even signed a letter of intent and accepted a football scholarship. Despite this, my parents insisted I check out UNL one more time, just to make sure. I sat in Dr. Tom Field's office for 30 minutes while he told me and my twin brother Joe, about the Engler Entrepreneurship Program. Within the first 5 minutes of that meeting I knew I had made the wrong choice. It changed everything. We stopped on our way home and told the coach we were sorry but we had changed our minds. That's how impactful this place is.  

After getting the full CASNR experience as well as the opportunity to play on the UNL drumline, we knew this was where we needed to be. 


What is your favorite thing about the University of Nebraska–Lincoln? 

My favorite thing about UNL is the people. I absolutely love the classes but the coolest thing is the influence the people here have had on me. I have met literally hundreds of people who have enabled me to choose my path and pushed me to set goals and reach past them. I've met some of my best friends. I've met some of my biggest role models. I have even met some life long mentors. At UNL, the classes are wonderful and the extra-curriculars are great, but the people are what set it apart from anywhere else I've ever been. 


What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why?

My favorite class I have taken so far is Natural Resources 108. While there hasn't been a course I haven't enjoyed (especially Engler Entrepreneurship courses), Natural Resources 108 taught me a lot about leadership. This was largely due to the teaching style of the professor: Dr. David Gosselin. This course was not about him nor was it about natural resources. It was about us, the students. He asked us about our lives and first let us teach him. Once he knew our passions, our plans and how we learned best, he could effectively teach us about natural resources. I went into that course assuming I would learn about the rock cycle and instead learned what it truly meant to be a leader because of the example set by Professor Gosselin. That is just one of the many reasons I love UNL. 


 What are your plans post-graduation?

Because of the Engler Entrepreneurship Program my brother and I were able to launch and grow an agricultural company last year. We provide intefrated solutions for producers and healthy food options for families, all the while, building rural communities. After college I plan to continue to work with my brother to grow this company while getting my masters degree in applied science. After that I will go wherever life takes me but I would ultimately love to end up back in Albion where I can continue to farm, build our business and grow our community! 


What’s life like outside of school? 

Outside of school I like to stay busy. I love to play music and besides playing on the drumline, I play guitar in a band some friends and I started called The Pioneers! Music has always been a good way for me to slip away from reality for a while and just enjoy the moment, which I really love. Other than that there is always something going on in Lincoln! It will always be my second home. The Haymarket is great, and I like spending time down there with friends and my family when they come to visit! 

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has been an amazing place to live, learn and grow. 

I couldn't imagine going to school anywhere else! Thanks to CASNR I have had an amazing first three years and I can't wait to see what the next few have to offer!