Student Spotlight: Soon Kiat Lau

Soon Kiat Lau
Soon Kiat Lau
Hometown: Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Area of Study: Food Science and Technology
Anticipated Date of Graduation: 2018, depending on my research

Why did you decide to complete your Ph.D. at UNL?
I am a huge foodie and am always awed by the beautiful figures produced from computer simulations; therefore, when my M.S. supervisor, Dr. Jeyam Subbiah, offered me a Ph.D. program on modeling food processes for food safety, I instantly jumped at the opportunity! Besides that, there are a lot of friendly faculty and staff members who are extremely helpful and have taught me valuable life lessons.

What is your favoite thing about UNL?
The architecture and landscape. I always find it fun to explore the various traditional/modern buildings and relaxing to see the swaying trees and scavenging squirrels on East Campus.

What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why?
Honestly, none. I enjoyed so many classes taught by passionate professors; it is really difficult and unfair for me to choose one as a favorite!

What are your plans post-graduation?
I would love to work in academia. I find it very fulfilling to discover new ways to do things and to think of efficient ways to share the information with others. However, with the world changing so rapidly right now, who knows where I will end up.

What's life like outside of school? 
I’m either sizzling food in my kitchen or working out a sweat at the rec center, so long as I’m not frozen solid by the winter.