Three UNL PGA Students Receive Prestigious Scholarship

by Elizabeth Hodges

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October 13, 2022

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln was well represented when the recipients from the 2022-2023 PGA WORKS Golf Management University Scholarship Program were announced. The three recipients from UNL were Emily Gustafson of Holdrege, NE, class of 2024; Mason McKenna of Olathe, KS, class of 2026; and Addyson Meadows of Troy, AL, class of 2026.

“I am so grateful for the PGA Scholarship. It gives me the opportunity to live out my college dream. I get to pursue a career in a sport that I am passionate about and receive a great college education here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,” said recipient Addyson Meadows.

“This scholarship has reaffirmed to myself that I am at a school and in an industry that is right for me,” says Meadows.

Putting Their Way to Success

This year, 17 students from nine colleges and universities were awarded this $8,000 scholarship for being motivated students in the PGA program. All of the recipients ware currently working towards their PGA membership in one of the 18 programs across the country with efforts to encourage these students to enter the golf industry.

The goal of this scholarship is to inspire and engage talent from diverse backgrounds across the country. “These 17 aspiring PGA Members represent the next generation of golf industry leaders, and we are delighted to support their journey,” said PGA President Jim Richerson.

The scholarship program has been in effect for the last five years and has awarded over $376,000 in scholarship money since the start of the program.

“This scholarship has reaffirmed to myself that I am at a school and in an industry that is right for me. It’s nice to know that if I keep doing what I’ve been doing that more good things like this will happen. Thinking about it makes me that much more excited to pursue a career in the golf industry,” said scholarship recipient Mason McKenna.

 Mason McKenna (pictured) is excited for a career in PGA and is reaffirmed in his career decision after receiving the scholarship.

Swinging Towards a Career

The students were selected on the basis of academic record, leadership demonstrated through participation in school and community activities, honors and work experience, a statement of goals and aspirations, unique personal or family circumstances, an outside appraisal, active participation in the game of golf and playing ability.

“I heard about this scholarship from our professors. It’s an annual scholarship that requires answering questions about why you should get the scholarship, why you love the game of golf and so on. PGA Works’ main focus is minorities and women of the golf industry since that is what they’re trying to grow,” said recipient Emily Gustafson.

“The PGA Scholarship is one of the few that recognize this line of work for the women. The Golf Industry is dominated by men and the women are slowly growing behind them but are a vital part to the industry. It’s an honor to get this Scholarship because not only am I doing what I love, but I know that I’ll be making an impact in the industry after graduation,” says Gustafson.

From living out the college dream to affirming career paths to growing the golf industry, the PGA WORKS scholarship has a meaningful impact on college students. Congratulations to the three students from UNL who received this scholarship. To learn more about what this scholarship is and to see the complete list of recipients, visit:

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