Tribal Water and Food Sustainability Summit is April 14-15

Tribal Water and Food Sustainability
Craig Chandler | University Communication
April 6, 2021

Lincoln, Neb. —Nebraska Extension’s Native American Coalition, in partnership with the Nebraska Water Center, is hosting its inaugural Tribal Water and Food Sustainability Summit April 14-15.

The summit, which will be held via Zoom, is geared toward University of Nebraska–Lincoln faculty but is open to anyone interested in learning about the following topics:

  • Tribal worldviews and relationships with water and the earth;

  • Tribal youth programs focused on food and water sustainability;

  • Creating relationships between tribal water and earth protectors and university faculty.

Adult tribal leaders will present on the first day of the conference, with youth tribal leaders presenting on the second day. Information on Husker conservation programs will be presented both days. Registration is free.

Nebraska Extension Tribal Educator Ted Hibbeler said he hopes the event — the first the Native American Coalition has held since its founding earlier this year — helps strengthen relationships between Nebraska Extension and tribal communities in Nebraska.

“The Native American Coalition was imagined to build bridges between tribal and non-tribal communities; to facilitate community development and leadership in Native communities; and to bring Native American traditional worldviews, languages, cultures and histories to the University of Nebraska and non-tribal communities,” Hibbeler said. “This event is a starting point for that.”

For more information on the coalition, to view the full conference schedule or to register, click here.

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