CASNR Change Maker Spotlight: Kade Wiese

Kade Wiese
Meet CASNR Change Maker scholarship recipient Kade Wiese, a freshman agricultural business major from Columbus, Nebraska. He is working to create an app to allow those interested in agriculture to explore the industry.
January 10, 2022

Major: Agricultural Business

Hometown: Columbus, Nebraska

Please describe your big idea in a few sentences.

I want to provide a service (app) that allows anyone interested in agriculture to dip their toes into what the world of agriculture is truly about. From job internships to simple business walk throughs, this service will have the guidance and support someone would need to feed their interests in agriculture. This service will also provide a way for independent ma and pa farms, small agricultural business owners, and even large corporations to post job opportunities, scholarships and future networking. Agriculture is not leaving anytime soon, and I want to provide the opportunity to show people how immense, broad and life-changing the world of agriculture is.

What impact do you want to have on the world?

I want to have a large impact on the world, but an ever larger impact in the agricultural world. I believe there are not only kids and teenagers out there, but countless adults that are interested and curious about agriculture but have no clue where to start. I want to be the place that people are able to ask questions, find answers, and are given opportunities to work in the agricultural world.

How has the Change Maker scholarship and CASNR community helped you discover your passion and grow your skills?

First and foremost, the CASNR community is a second family to me. The students, teachers, advisors, mentors and staff truly care about who I am as a person and push me to my full potential. Within the Change Maker scholarship community, we are like-minded, driven and support family at hart. There is a great sense of passion for our individual projects, but an even greater sense of love and caring for everyone in both communities.

How has your mentor/mentors shaped your experience thus far?

They truly care about my well-being first and then will do anything to help make progress for my project. The mentors and anyone helping are the best people on campus, and I am a firm believer in that.

What advice would you have for someone who is not sure if they should apply/if their idea is big enough?

Don’t worry about how big or grand your project is. Worry about getting your idea on paper so that is has a chance to grow and expand in the future. No idea is a bad idea. Your idea will grow and gain value as time goes by. The most important thing for this scholarship/program is to show your audience that you have passion for your ideas and aren’t scared to trust the process.