wheat field

2013 Nebraska Crop Budgets Now Available Online

The 2013 Nebraska Crop Budgets have been estimated and posted online.

UNL Extension Offers Crop Scout Training in March

Crop scouts will learn how to better manage corn and soybean pests during a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Crop Scout Training for Pest Managers program March 13.

UNL Research Reveals More Clues About How Plants Fight Disease

By studying how a disease-causing bacterium attacks plants, University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers have made important discoveries about how plants defend themselves against invaders.
University of Nebraska researchers in greenhouse

Project Aims to Predict Yield Potential to Help Global Food Security

Resolving the debate over how best to feed a growing global population requires basic information about current and potential yields at local levels around the world, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln agronomist said.

UNL Increasing Investment in Agriculture With 36 New Faculty Positions

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is strategically increasing its investment in agriculture and natural resources, looking to hire three dozen new faculty after a decade of budget cuts and stagnant hiring.

Organic Farming Expert, Geneticist Agree: Both Practices Key Tools in Feeding World

A marriage between an organic farmer and a geneticist might sound like the setup for a romantic comedy, but in fact exemplifies the integrated approach agriculture must use to successfully meet the world's growing need for food.

Gamma Sigma Delta Initiates New Members, Presents Awards

LINCOLN, Neb. — The Nebraska Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture, held its annual New Member Initiation and Awards banquet in Lincoln Jan. 27.

Heuermann Lecture Tuesday to Focus on Future of Food

LINCOLN, Neb. — "Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food" is the topic when co-authors and husband and wife Pam Ronald and Raoul Adamchak are Heuermann Lecturers Tuesday, Feb. 12.