Engagement website launched to showcase and encourage community-university partnerships

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As part of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln engagement N|2025 Aim, the Engagement Collaborative has launched the website, engage.unl.edu to highlight community-based projects and provide resources for faculty, staff and students to engage with community partners.

April 2, 2024

Lincoln, Neb. —In a significant move toward fostering deeper ties between the University of NebraskaLincoln  and local communities, the Engagement Collaborative has unveiled the engage.unl.edu website. This platform serves as a dynamic hub for showcasing community-based initiatives while offering invaluable resources to facilitate meaningful partnerships between the university and its surrounding communities.

Central to the website's offerings is the UNL Engagement and Outreach Map, a comprehensive visual representation of over 1,750 ongoing community-based projects across Nebraska. From urban centers to rural communities, this map highlights the diverse range of initiatives aimed at addressing local challenges and promoting positive change. 

Additionally, the map provides insights into the various public education programs taking place on campus, further enhancing the exchange of knowledge between UNL and its surrounding communities.

The website also includes resources for faculty, staff and students looking to increase their capacity for community-based work. From information on available funding opportunities to professional learning opportunities and specialized courses in community engagement, the website equips individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive impactful change within their communities.

The N|2025 Aim to “Broaden Nebraska’s engagement in community, industry and global partnerships” has several goals to increase infrastructure to establish and nurture communication with stakeholder groups and support community-based research, creative activity and learning experiences. 

The launch of engage.unl.edu represents a significant milestone in UNL's pursuit of the N|2025 Aim, which seeks to deepen the university's engagement with various stakeholders and foster impactful partnerships. By enhancing infrastructure, fostering communication, and supporting community-based initiatives, UNL is poised to further solidify its role as a catalyst for positive change within Nebraska and beyond.

Part of this effort has been to pursue the Carnegie Community Engagement classification, which UNL achieved in January of 2024. In addition, the Engagement Collaborative was formed to guide the work of UNL’s community-based engagement. This collaborative includes representatives from all colleges and several units across UNL and is chaired by Kathleen Lodl.

Engagement brings Nebraska to the world, and the world to Nebraska through a university where students, faculty, staff and alumni are actively engaged across Nebraska and beyond.

With its dual focus on Nebraskans and members of the UNL community, engage.unl.edu seeks to engage a diverse audience united by a shared commitment to community-driven initiatives. Whether local residents seeking to explore collaborative opportunities or university affiliates eager to expand their engagement efforts, the website serves as a gateway to transformative experiences and meaningful connections.

Ultimately, engage.unl.edu is poised to serve as a catalyst for the creation and promotion of robust community-UNL partnerships. By fostering collaboration, facilitating learning opportunities, and bridging the gap between academia and the broader community, the website embodies UNL's commitment to fostering positive societal impact.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Kathleen Lodl, klodl1@unl.edu.

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