February Webinar Explores Information Security

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Feb. 13, 2013

LINCOLN, Neb. — When people enter personal information into a website, they trust that site to protect it from leaking into cyberspace. In an age when more and more business is conducted online, small businesses have to build a reputation for keeping their customers' information secure.

"Making Security a Priority" is the third in the current series on how small businesses can use technology. This session will focus on the security of systems, information and data, which are critical to the success of small businesses and the safety of their customers.

"Small businesses owners must understand their responsibility of implementing applications and techniques so customers want to do business with them online," said Connie Hancock, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension educator.

The webinar is scheduled for Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. and can be viewed at connect.unl.edu/broadband.

Like the other webinars in the series "Don't Know What I Don't Know," the session will be conducted live with contributions from UNL experts and successful small businesses and offer opportunities for participants to ask questions.

"Participants like the 30 minute live segment which provides pertinent and relevant information and if the participant wants to learn more, they have the option of finding more about the topic," Hancock said.

"Making Security a Priority" will be archived at broadband.nebraska.gov and also is available on Facebook and Twitter (@BroadbandNEBR).

This webinar series is part of a project funded by a grant to the Nebraska Public Service Commission by the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The Broadband Mapping and Planning Initiative has been conducted by a coalition of Nebraska partners, including the PSC, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, the UNL Center for Applied Rural Innovation, the Nebraska Information Technology Commission's Communication Council, the AIM Institute and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

Connie Hancock
Extension Educator

Kristina Jackson
student writer
IANR News Service

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IANR News Service

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