Nebraska digs in to offer remote instruction

soil virtual class
Craig Chandler | University Communication
Judy Turk, an assistant professor of natural resources, digs into a profile of soil outside of Lincoln as Curt Bright films the project. Like other campus instructors, Turk is using video as a teaching mechanism to transition a lab course to remote access learning.
March 30, 2020

Lincoln, Neb. —While other University of Nebraska–Lincoln instructors dug into digital options to deliver courses via remote access, Jody Turk broke out a shovel and went to work — in front of a camera.

Working with University Communication, the assistant professor of natural resources went out in the field just outside of Lincoln last week to record a series of videos for her soil evaluation course. She worked with Lincoln’s Yankee Hill Brick to showcase a clay-based soil profile and ventured to Nine Mile Prairie for other lesson focuses.

“Making these videos was kind of the best substitute I could think of for actually getting (students) out here to work in the field,” Turk said. “Going into this semester we had no idea that this was going to be thrown at us, and we’re kind of trying to do our best to give the students the best educational opportunities that we can.”

Click the video below to learn more about how Turk transitioned a hands-on soil lessons to video instruction.

Turk's video was just one of the many ways instructors are using to transition campus coursework to remote access due to the threat of COVID-19. Read more about how faculty and instructors have been preparing to restart classes on March 30.

VIDEO: Curt Bright (left) films Jody Turk for a soil sciences lab assignment that is being transitioned from in-the-field to online due to the threat of COVID-19. Click to learn more about the project and how other instructors are bringing coursework to students.