NHRI Leadership Mentoring selects 64 new Leadership Mentors

NHRI Leadership Mentoring
NHRI Leadership Mentoring at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently welcomed 64 new student mentors. UNL students attended an informational session with Victor Mpore and Lauren Niesen, UNL seniors and NHRI Interviewers last fall.
April 6, 2021

Lincoln, Neb. —NHRI Leadership Mentoringhas selected 64 University of Nebraska-Lincoln students to serve as Leadership Mentors to students in second through 12th grades.

Housed within UNL’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, NHRI Leadership Mentoring pairs UNL students with Nebraska elementary and high-school students for one-on-one mentoring.  This year, more than 130 UNL interviewed students interviewed to serve as mentors, with 64 selected.

“We could not be more thrilled to welcome 64 outstanding new students to NHRI Leadership Mentoring,” said Hannah Sunderman, program director of NHRI Leadership Mentoring. 

Each new Leadership Mentor will work one-on-one with elementary and high school students in Lincoln for the next 2-3 years to develop their Leadership Mentee’s talents and strengths. UNL students selected as mentors will take an advanced interpersonal skills course and will meet weekly with other Leadership Mentors to hone their mentoring capabilities.

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The new mentors for NHRI Leadership Mentoring are:

  • Nathan Anderson: Freshman, Mechanized System Management
  • Grant Auman: Freshman, Political Science and Economics
  • Kyle Auman: Freshman, Computer Engineering
  • Libby Bash: Freshman, Pre Health
  • Riley Efaw: Freshman, International Business
  • John Esser: Freshman, Electrical Engineering
  • Nick Garrett: Freshman, Nutrition Exercise and Health Sciences
  • Micah Gengenbach: Freshman, Ag Business
  • Ritsa Giannakas: Freshman, Political Science, Economics
  • Allie Gotschall: Freshman, Pre-med (Exploratory)
  • Ella Hagen: Freshman, Psychology
  • Colton Husa: Freshman, Agricultural Education
  • Maicee Ingwerson: Freshman, Psychology and Pre-Med
  • Elizabeth Karnopp: Freshman, Biochemistry
  • Kasparek, Lauren: Freshman, Computer Science
  • Liddell, Kate: Freshman, Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management
  • Mack, Kaitlin: Freshman, Business Administration
  • Madej, Maggie: Freshman, Actuarial Science
  • Morris, Brianna: Freshman, Psychology
  • Hannah Moseman: Freshman, Agricultural Education
  • Naren Narasimhan: Freshman, Marketing
  • Hannah Pokharel: Freshman, Computer Science
  • Luke Roberts: Freshman, Mechanical Engeering
  • Whitney Schwisow: Freshman, Actuarial Science
  • Kyle Sextro: Freshman, Biochemistry
  • Sean Sindt: Freshman, Business administration
  • Connor Utech: Freshman, Accounting
  • Jacob Vanderford: Freshman, Sports Media & Communication, Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance
  • Julia Wordekemper: Freshman, Pre-Dental Hygiene (Pre Health)
  • Delani Young: Freshman, International Business
  • Maddie Zaborowski: Freshman, Psychology
  • Benson, Brody: Sophomore, Agricultural Leadership
  • Hannah Varenhorst Johnson: Sophomore, Psychology
  • Carson Scott: Sophomore, Business Administration
  • Makayla Champoux: Sophomore, Biological Sciences
  • Hailey Haar: Sophomore, Advertising and Public Relations
  • Luke Rodriguez: Sophomore, Biology
  • Lauren von Freiberg: Junior, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Hunter Thomas: Sophomore, Nutrition Science
  • Regan Vaccaro: Sophomore, Sports Media & Communication, Advertising & Public Relations
  • Lara Celesky: Sophomore, Music Education
  • Cole Ulmer: Sophomore, Animal Science
  • Laura Perez-Villagomez: Sophomore, Sociology and Psychology
  • Ryan Kenney: Freshman, Sports Media & Communication, Marketing
  • Jayden Rocha: Freshman, Finance
  • Henry Drvol: Freshman, Biological Sciences, Economics
  • Ruwe, Taylor: Freshman, Agribusiness
  • Feuker, Sarah: Freshman, Nutrition & Health Sciences Nutr, Exercise & Health Science
  • Dominic Pfeifer: Sophomore, Finance
  • Carson Dettmer: Freshman, Biochemistry
  • Willa Scoville, Sophomore, ADPR and Graphic Design
  • Emma Rutt: Sophomore, Undeclared
  • Isha Kishore: Freshman, Business Administration
  • Heath Keiser: Freshman, Animal Science
  • Kailey Wilcox: Freshman, Psychology
  • Lizzy Kenes: Freshman, Actuarial Science
  • Gabriella Menezes da Silva: Freshman, Biochemistry
  • Emma Hoffschneider: Sophomore, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communications/Agricultural Economics-Public Policy
  • William Morales: Freshman, Marketing, Graphic Design
  • Ryan Mahalek: Freshman, Civil engineering
  • Luke Penner Rodny: Freshman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Paul Pechous: Freshman, Secondary Special Education
  • Lillian Hefner: Freshman, Political Science and Psychology
  • Alex Nydahl: Freshman, Finance & Marketing

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