Performance Conversation Update

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November 29, 2022

Lincoln, Neb. —The next performance conversation window will be open December 1, 2022 – March 15, 2023. You will notice that we have updated the six performance conversation questions. The updates will help to address individual professional development as well as to consider each employee’s sense of belonging at work. We want to continue encouraging meaningful conversations tailored to employee and department needs.

The revised questions are:

 1a) Do you feel you are important to the success of your team? Yes, Somewhat or No. Please explain. 1b) What could you or someone else do that might increase your feeling of importance to the success of the team?

2a) What accomplishments have you had since our last performance conversation? 2b) What do you hope to accomplish before our next performance conversation?

3a) What steps will you take to develop professionally within your current role before our next performance conversation? 3b) How can I help you in this process?

4a) What challenges are you facing today? 4b) How can your natural strengths and talents be used to overcome these challenges?

5) Do my supervisor and I think my accomplishments align with what is expected for this position and our unit’s priorities? Yes, Somewhat, or No. Please explain.

6) How can I help you be your best?

Watch for email reminders from Trakstar Perform about the upcoming performance conversation window.

Visit IANR HR’s Performance Management webpage for additional information. Questions should be directed to Marci Sturek in IANR HR at

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