Registration open for 2018 Nebraska Extension Master Gardener program

Nebraska Extension Master Gardeners in the Backyard Farmer garden on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's East Campus.

December 18, 2017

Lincoln, Neb. — Nebraska Extension is offering Master Gardener training throughout the state in 2018. The Nebraska EMG program is a horticulture-related volunteer training program based in many counties and has been part of Nebraska Extension since 1976.

EMG volunteers are trained by Nebraska Extension faculty and staff in many horticulture-related topics. They then contribute time as volunteers, working through their local extension office, to provide horticulture-related information to their community. More specifically, they provide education about sustainable horticultural practices. Participants are required to complete 40 hours of training and 40 hours of volunteer service during the initial year of their involvement in the program. EMG volunteers retain their certification through annual training and volunteering.

EMG class times, location and cost vary across the state, but are generally offered February through May. An application form is available on the Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Program website.

The following lawn and garden programs will be offered as part of the EMG training program:.

Feb. 6Community Gardens, presented by Morgan Hartline, extension educator, SNAP-ED; Does your program help with a community garden? Does your program garden help support local food banks? Join Morgan to see if your EMG program can be a CHOW Garden. 

Feb. 13: Rots and Spots, presented by Kyle Broderick, extension educator, Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic – What are these black spots on my apple tree leaves? What is this weird mushy thing growing on my mulch? Kyle talks about biotic and abiotic issues in landscape systems using good IPM practices. 

Feb. 20: Vegetable Gardening, presented by John Porter, extension educator, urban agriculture program coordinator; Nothing is better than a tomato fresh from the garden! John will explain site selection, soil prep and more for a successful vegetable garden. 

Feb. 27: Wildlife Management, presented by Dennis Ferraro, professor of practice, herpetologist; What has been chewing on my peach tree? How do I get rid of the rabbits in my garden? Dennis will illustrate wildlife damage, explain common wildlife biology in Nebraska and explain proper IPM practices for wildlife control in your landscape. 

March 6: Extending Your Gardening Season, presented by Tim Dungan, graduate student, agronomy and horticulture; Would you like to serve fresh salad greens on your Thanksgiving dinner table? Want to have the first tomato on the block? Tim will provide information on various forms of season extenders.

March 13: Landscape Management, presented by Kim Todd, extension landscape specialist, and Terri James, extension educator, state EMG program coordinator; The landscape is a complex system with multiple components. Kim and Terri will talk about the art and science of managing all aspects of your landscape including: environment, climate, soil, critters, plants, turf and much more. 

For more information or to apply, visit

Terri James
Nebraska Extension Educator
Department of Agronomy and Horticulture