Student Spotlight: Lelland Ducksworth

Lelland Ducksworth
Meet Lelland Ducksworth, a veterinary medicine major from Hattiesburg, MS graduating in the fall of 2026.
November 22, 2022

Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS 

Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

Anticipated Date of Graduation: Fall 2026 

Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln? 

I decided to come to the University of Nebraska because of the Iowa State University- University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine. I am honored to be accepted into the program and I am pursuing a lifelong dream. I have a few family members located in Nebraska so, I am able to live in a home away from my birthplace. 

What is your favorite thing about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?  

My favorite thing about the University of Nebraska is the East Campus. East Campus is very beautiful and lacks the chaos associated with the inner city. The east campus is associated with a graduate/professional setting, and it reminds me of the country. The people are friendly, and the campus is easy to navigate.  

What about diversity and inclusion is important to you when you think about your CASNR experience? 

Diversity and inclusion are important because minorities are now presented with increased opportunities to achieve success. Diversity creates opportunities for evolutionary growth. Different cultures and ideas lead to greater innovation and creativity. Minority youth are able to visual themselves in certain position which can directly affect their future.  

Exposure to cultural differences is a huge part of college. What activity have you recently participated in that is different from what you are used to in your culture? This could be something you read, listened to, watched, eaten or otherwise taken part in. What did you learn from this activity? 

I am an African American student within the UNL PPVM. I am the only African American student associated with the UNL PPVM class of 2026. I am 1 of 2 African American students associated with the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2026. I am currently experiencing cultural differences, because there are not many people in this program who look like me or grew up like me. I am learning new things daily.  

What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why? 

My favorite class is Vet Anatomy I. Learning about the anatomical structures of all animal species is fascinating. 

What are your plans post-graduation? 

I plan to become a Large Animal, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. 

What's life like outside of school?  

I love to challenge myself in the weight room. I find peace in adversities associated with fitness and exercise. Family also gives me peace and joy.  My pursuit in achieving prosperity is driven by the inspiration in my son’s eyes. Life is good! 

What scholarships, if any, have you received? 

I received the J.J and Eleanor Ogle Fellowship. This fellowship is awarded to students who demonstrate academic success, financial need, the intention to return to Nebraska following graduation, the intention to practice in a geographical or professional area of need, the ability to contribute to the diversity of the PPVM class or the veterinary profession and/or the ability to overcome unique hardships to pursue a veterinary career.