Student Spotlight: Sourav Pal

Sourav Pal
Meet Sourav Pal, doctorate plant pathology student graduating in December from Khardaha, India.
August 17, 2021

Hometown: Khardaha in Kolkata, India.

Major: Plant Pathology, Doctorate Degree

Anticipated Date of Graduation: December 2021

Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

My master’s degree advisor who taught me plant virology was the main reason why I am at UNL . He introduced me to my current advisor who is a friend to my ex-advisor. I was very much intrigued in pursuing my research studies in plant virology and it was a perfect match between my research interest and his lab's work. 

What is your favorite thing about University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

I am proud to say that I am a Husker and there is no place like Nebraska! The favorite thing about our university is that UNL allows me to tell my passion and desire and glory and that will be that doctorate degree in December 2021.

How has diversity and inclusive excellence played a role in your CASNR experience?

I feel that UNL and CASNR believe in equity, inclusion and dignity for all and value the research and creative activity with engagement of communities throughout Nebraska and the world helping us to lead a good quality of life. I can proudly shout that "I am a Husker and this is CASNR.”

What is your favorite class you have taken so far and why?

I would like to mention biology of plant pathogens, PLPT 801, taught by Professor Amit Mitra as my favorite class. I took this class in the fall of 2018, my second semester at UNL. This class covers molecular and cellular approach to the study of plant pathogens. This class profusely helped me to understand the basic concepts and strategies of plant pathogens, specially virus to infect the plant host. The fun fact of this course was this class has a "laboratory component" where you can experience the live pathogen.

What are your plans post-graduation?

At this point, I am very much open to pursue my career in both academia and industry.

What’s life like outside of school? 

The COVID-19 pandemic halted our fun activities outside of school. For me, summer of 2020 has been like no other in recent memory. I used to actively participate in our departmental outreach activities and attend student-events on campus. I used to hang out with friends on the weekend. However, I stay mostly at home after school hours contributing to make a safe and healthy community. I understand that the restrictions like social distancing and mask policy are challenging but I am grateful to those who are following the CDC guidelines to save lives.

Sourav has received the following scholarships: the Goss Memorial Scholarship and Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association Professional Development Award.

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