Wright honored with distinguished achievement award

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July 6, 2016

Lincoln, Neb. — Research and Extension Entomologist Robert Wright, has been honored with the Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension from the Entomological Society of America. This annual award recognizes outstanding contributions to extension entomology.

Wright has been with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 1988. He has developed a productive research and extension program in agronomic insect pest management, which has had local, regional and national impacts. He coordinates the activities of several faculty who contribute to the statewide multidisciplinary extension IPM program, and serves as entomology coordinator and contributor to several Nebraska Extension crop management programs. 

Regionally, Wright co-chairs the North Central Extension Entomologist Working Group, and chaired and is an active member of NCERA 222, the USDA-NIFA multistage committee on integrated pest management. Wright led a group of national experts on corn root worm biology and management to obtain funding for and produce an open access webinar published on the Plant Management Network. He has contributed as a member of the National IPM Coordinating Committee for several years, and has frequently provided service to the USDA-NIFA IPM Centers.

Wright will receive the award at the International Congress of Entomology in Orlando, Florida, Sept. 25-30. 

Robert Wright
Department of Entomology

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