Yoder, longtime IANR associate vice chancellor, announces retirement

Ron Yoder
After nearly 20 years of leadership at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ron Yoder has announced he will retire this fall.
May 31, 2023

Lincoln, Neb. —After nearly 20 years of leadership at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ron Yoder has announced he will retire this fall.

Yoder, who currently serves at the senior associate vice chancellor for UNL’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, joined UNL in 2004 as the department head for the Department of Biological Systems Engineering. In 2011, he became the associate vice chancellor for IANR. He also served as interim NU vice president and IANR vice chancellor in 2016, after then-IANR vice chancellor Ronnie Green was named the UNL chancellor.  

An engineer by training, Yoder likened his leadership style to strategic use of an oil can. “I’ve tried to oil the parts that need oiling so the whole machine runs smoothly,” he said. 

His vision and behind-the-scenes work have helped shape IANR, said Mike Boehm, NU vice president and Harlan Vice Chancellor for IANR. Yoder has been instrumental in the formation of the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute and the Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance, among other IANR interdisciplinary initiatives. He has worked with IANR deans, department heads, unit leaders and center directors to ensure that new hires are made strategically and strengthen the teaching, research and extension missions of IANR. 

He has also worked to improve facilities across IANR, including major renovations to the Nebraska East Union and the Dinsdale Family Learning Common on UNL’s East Campus.

“Ron has been a steady, forward-thinking, and incredibly productive leader during his nearly two decades with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,” said Boehm. “Over and over, he has shown an incredible ability to anticipate future needs of IANR, UNL and Nebraska, and to pull together teams to address those needs. Our university and state will benefit from Ron’s leadership well into the future, and I’m grateful to have worked alongside him the past seven years.”

Prior to joining UNL, Yoder worked at the University of Wyoming, the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Colorado and Washington state, and the University of Tennessee. He holds degrees from Drexel University, Clemson University and Colorado State University.

He will formally retire in early September 2023. Due to UNL’s efforts to address a budget shortfall, his position will not be filled.

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